Announcement: Application for 1-on-1 Project-Based Mentorship is due on December 15th
1-on-1 Project Based Mentorship
Stand Out with Impact-Driven Projects
Deadline: December 15th

1-on-1 Project Based Mentorship Program

1-on-1 Project Based Mentorship (PBM) Program is the most prestigious program at Path Mentors and is reserved for self-motivated students who wants to do something more outside traditional extracurriculars and academics. Selected students will get the opportunity to receive 1-on-1 guidance from the best mentors who graduated from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and MIT.

We pride ourselves in curating creative projects that students will be excited to work on. Just as each student is unique, each project is tailored to the student's interests and background. Working on a project with a mentor helps students gain real-world experience, explore different fields of interests, increase confidence in their abilities, and strengthen their college admissions profile.

Our students in the 1-on-1 Project Based Mentorship Program have done a variety of meaningful projects with our mentors. Some past example projects include creating a successful iOS application, building a graphics design portfolio, and constructing an equity research report. These projects help students build tangible skills, and develop their level of maturity and other core soft skills.

The 1-on-1 Project Based Mentorship Program includes the following:
  • Weekly 1-on-1 project-based mentorship sessions with a mentor selected to match your child's needs and interests
  • Monthly college consulting sessions
  • Access to network of mentors from prestigious universities for guidance, interviews, college essays, and more
  • Assistance with summer program applications, academic competitions, and etc.
This program is open to students from 7th to 11th grade and the program participants will be chosen on an application basis. The steps to the application are outlined below:
  • Complete an initial consultation with the Path Mentors team
  • Submit an application (link will be provided after the initial consultation)
  • Application results are released
  • Enroll and begin mentor matching process
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