Small Group Project Mentorship
Winter 2022 Offerings
Build with Alumni From Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, MIT Etc.
Who Grew Up in Silicon Valley

Build Your Impact-Driven Project

Our Small Group Project Mentorship is designed to teach valuable skills and knowledge to self-motivated students. Selected students will get the opportunity to work on a carefully curated project in a small group with like-minded peers. Each student is expected to build their own project at the end of the program.

Mentors will facilitate meaningful discussions, and provide hands-on guidance on student’s individual projects. These programs are led by alum from Ivy League, MIT and Stanford to help students stand out during the college admissions process by working on an impact-driven project. We also aim to provide a unique experience to each student so that they can gain wider perspectives and have fun at the same time.

Early Action: 11:59 PM PDT, December 15th.
11:59 PM PDT, January 7th.

Application Process:
1. Please click the "Apply Now" button below and the process may take around 10 minutes
2. The team will review your application.
3. You will receive further notification from us by email within 48 hours.

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Here are the currently planned Small Group Project Mentorship projects for Winter 2022 (more to be released in the coming weeks!)

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