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“We really appreciate all the hands-on mentorship and guidance at Path Mentors so far! During the past several months of the mentorship, my son learned how to conduct multiple projects, build strong fundamentals and improve research abilities. After accomplished several great projects, the mentorship not only helped my son build a unique experience but also boosted his confidence, broadened his view, which will benefit him for the long-term development.“

- Lynbrook High School Parent
"My son is less stressed and better focused after working with Path Mentors. Before, my son struggled through a lot of stress and anxiety which negatively affected his academics. After working with multiple Ivy League mentors, he learned to better handle the work and be smart about his time!"

- Henry M. Gunn High School Parent
"The mentorship sessions boosted my daughter's confidence in her abilities! She enjoyed working with a Columbia mentor on a project that she was passionate about. I know the projects will help her stand out on her college application and I am glad to see the positive impact Path Mentors has had on her!"

- Monta Vista High School Parent
"The accomplished mentors served as amazing role models for my son. I am confident that working with Ivy League mentors on a weekly basis benefitted my son's long term development."

- Redwood Middle School Parent
“My favorite part of Path Mentors was when we got to choose mentors tailored to our own interests – it helped me discover a lot about myself that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. It was a very insightful experience.“

- Saratoga High School Student
"Path Mentors helped motivate my child and explore his interests further. It was impressive the amount of passion he had for the projects he worked on!"

- Harker Parent
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