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"Path Mentors helped motivate my child and explore his interests further. It was impressive the amount of passion he had for the projects he worked on!"

- Harker Parent
"My son is less stressed and better focused after working with Path Mentors. Before, my son struggled through a lot of stress and anxiety which negatively affected his academics. After working with multiple Ivy League mentors, he learned to better handle the work and be smart about his time!"

- Henry M. Gunn HS Parent
"The mentorship sessions boosted my daughter's confidence in her abilities! She enjoyed working with a Columbia mentor on a project that she was passionate about. I know the projects will help her stand out on her college application and I am glad to see the positive impact Path Mentors has had on her!"

- Monta Vista HS Parent
"The accomplished mentors served as amazing role models for my son. I am confident that working with Ivy League mentors on a weekly basis benefitted my son's long term development."

- Redwood MS Parent
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