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"To know what you're going to draw, you have to begin drawing."
- Pablo Picasso
Our Values

What we believe in

Path Mentors was born out of our dissatisfaction with the toxic high pressure environment that college admissions has created.  We believe that there's a more fulfilling way to spend your high school years than completing the standard checklist of high test scores, overwhelming course loads, meaningless clubs, and empty leadership titles. How can you expect to find your "passion" by copying what others have done?

Our current education system tends to lack a personalized component of hands-on learning by doing. We genuinely believe in the power and impact of having a mentor who can guide and teach based on one's individual interests. Path Mentors helps high school students explore their interests through project-based mentorship with a current student or recent graduate of top universities.

Our Mentors

What we do

All the mentors at Path Mentors are from top colleges such as Ivy League, Stanford and MIT. They will share key advice and their valuable experience to help you maximize your potential through different meaningful projects. Start early while you are in middle school or early high school to better prepare for the future.

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