Why choose Path Mentors?

Path Mentors is rethinking traditional college counseling. We believe project-based learning and mentorship is a better way to find your interests and excel in high school. Rather than pursuing cookie-cutter extracurriculars, we pair students with mentors to work on independent projects that help them explore and develop their interests.

Our mentors are invested in your student's long-term success that will last beyond the college admissions process. Our network of mentors will provide insights, college admissions guidance, interview prep, and recommendation letters in support of your student's college application. Our goal is that even after the college admissions process, the relationships made with mentors will be lasting and will prove beneficial for students as they enter college and the job market.

Our Mentors

Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. We select the best of the best, and choose potential mentors based on their high level of achievement as well as their dedication to education and mentorship.

All of our mentors have attended universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, and are working at top companies in technology, finance, consulting, and more. These mentors will teach practical skills and offer valuable perspectives related to school activities, internships, college majors, and possible career paths.

Since most of our mentors are recent graduates, our network of mentors also have the most up-to-date information on admissions trends, proven college application strategies, and best practices to maximize the high school experience.

Summary of Our Programs

Group Project Mentorship
1-on-1 Project Mentorship
College Application Assistance
College Navigation
Starting at 6 Months with 2 hours of weekly mentorship
10-12 weeks
Summer | Fall | Spring
4 months or more based on the college application season
Starting at 1 Year
1-on-1 Project-based Mentorship (PBM) is the most prestigious program at Path Mentors. Selected students will get the opportunity to receive 1-on-1 guidance from the best mentors who graduated from top universities like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and MIT.
Group Project Mentorship students will get the opportunity to work on a carefully curated project in a small group of students with like-minded peers. They will receive lessons and materials from qualified mentors who are excited to teach and mentor the next generation of students.

Path Mentors offers all-inclusive personal college application assistance from experienced mentors who are students and alumni of top schools. They will guide you in building your narrative, provide you with experience-based insights, and help craft your college application.
College Navigation program is divided into Group College Navigation and 1-on-1 College Navigation. Group College Navigation is designed for students who like to work at their own pace,. 1-on-1 College Navigation is best for those who want personalized tasks tailored to their personal growth and development.

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